About us

Atilla and Co

Atilla & Co journey started in 2015. Summer & Glen moved to Bali after working in the mines for several years. After living in Bali for a couple of months they couldn't find good quality basics they liked, so they thought why not just make some clothes for ourselves. Then friends and family became interested in the items they were making, so they then thought let's take a risk and try something out of our comfort zone.

Taking a risk was scary but Summer & Glen believed in their high quality products. They wanted to produce quality products that people wanted to wear on a daily basis. A staple brand in your wardrobe.

With a strong drive and work ethic, Atilla & Co started to thrive and continues to thrive every day. With a great product and team, Summer & Glen continue to work daily on their brand whilst living in Bali with their 2 children.

They try to constantly think of new ideas, materials and colours whilst keeping your favourite pieces. They have big goals for Atilla & Co and their team and they appreciate your support throughout their journey.